CCCAT®, 一個在寵物市場以提供純天然無添加產品而著稱的純淨品牌,今天宣布與LUNA SESAME合併,這是一個專注於寵物禮品市場,提供特定功能產品和高質感禮盒的創新品牌。此次合併標誌著雙方攜手共創寵物產品市場的一大步,旨在通過互補優勢,提供給消費者更多元化和高質量的選擇。

CCCAT®一直以來都堅持永續、透明和誠實的品牌理念,致力於為寵物和他們的主人提供最純淨的產品。LUNA SESAME則專注於滿足寵物市場的送禮需求,打破傳統寵物市場中醜陋禮盒的固有形象,推出既有特定功能又不失高質感的禮盒,讓寵物禮物成為日常生活中的一部分,而非僅限於特定節日的選擇。

透過這次策略性合併,CCCAT®和LUNA SESAME將共同致力於擴大產品線,提供從日常照顧到特殊場合禮物的全方位解決方案。合併後的品牌不僅將保持各自的核心價值和特色,還將通過協同效應,創造出更大的市場價值和消費者體驗。

我們相信,這次合併將開啟寵物產品市場的新篇章,使CCCAT®和LUNA SESAME能夠更好地滿足日益增長的消費者需求,同時推動整個行業向著更加永續和創新的方向發展。

對於未來,我們充滿期待。CCCAT®和LUNA SESAME將繼續攜手前行,以我們的產品和服務,為寵物及其主人創造更多的快樂和驚喜。


LUNA SESAME是寵物市場上的新興品牌,專注於提供特定功能的產品和高質感的禮盒,滿足消費者對於寵物送禮的需求,使寵物禮物成為日常生活的一部分。

此次合併為CCCAT®和LUNA SESAME帶來了前所未有的機遇,我們期待與所有寵物愛好者一同慶祝這一里程碑事件,共同見證我們品牌的成長和進步。






CCCAT®, a brand renowned in the pet market for providing pure, additive-free products, today announced its merger with LUNA SESAME, an innovative brand focused on the pet gift market, offering products with specific functionalities and high-quality gift boxes. This merger marks a significant step for both parties in creating a more diverse and high-quality selection for consumers by leveraging the complementary strengths of both brands.

CCCAT® has always been committed to sustainability, transparency, and honesty, striving to provide the purest products for pets and their owners. LUNA SESAME, on the other hand, aims to meet the gift-giving needs of the pet market, breaking away from the traditional, unattractive gift boxes, and introducing functionally specific yet aesthetically pleasing gift boxes, making pet gifts a part of everyday life, not just limited to special occasions.

Through this strategic merger, CCCAT®® and LUNA SESAME will work together to expand their product lines, offering comprehensive solutions for everyday care to special occasion gifts. The merged brand will not only maintain the core values and unique features of each brand but will also create greater market value and consumer experience through synergy.

We believe this merger will open a new chapter in the pet product market, allowing CCCAT® and LUNA SESAME to better meet the growing consumer demand while pushing the entire industry towards more sustainable and innovative directions.

Looking ahead, we are filled with anticipation. CCCAT® and LUNA SESAME will continue to move forward together, creating more joy and surprises for pets and their owners with our products and services.

About CCCAT® CCCAT® is a brand dedicated to providing pure, additive-free pet products, with sustainability, transparency, and honesty as its core values, committed to bringing the purest life experience to pets and their owners.

About LUNA SESAME LUNA SESAME is an emerging brand in the pet market, focused on providing products with specific functionalities and high-quality gift boxes to meet consumers' pet gifting needs, making pet gifts a part of everyday life.

This merger brings unprecedented opportunities for CCCAT® and LUNA SESAME, and we look forward to celebrating this milestone event with all pet lovers, witnessing the growth and progress of our brands together.